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The Modernist offers the opportunity to advertise in this specialist, collectible, limited edition and beautifully designed architectural magazine.

The Modernist is related to architecture, design, graphics, interiors, urbanism cities and history.

Advertising with such a specific, targeted magazine has many, advantages. The Modernist can expose an advertiser’s brand to audiences with an interest in design culture and history.

Many of our readers are creative professionals, architects, artists and designers, architecture & design students, photographers and publishers.

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The Modernist Magazine is a limited edition quarterly publication about 20th Century modernist architecture and design... 700 high quality issues are printed and then hand numbered.

The magazine has a focus on modernist architecture on an international scale. The magazine is created, designed and published in Manchester and is stocked across the UK.

Designed by Thomas Ulrik Madsen who provides a bespoke two tone publication.

The Modernist Magazine was established in 2011 and has since gained a strong reputation for the quality of its writing and design.

'an excellent newcomer to British architecture’s small press scene'

The Architects Journal

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17 May 2013, 04:02