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forthcoming themes for volume 3
  • Dictator  - copy deadline 20th December 2013
From Mussolini to Amin, from Cuba to Zambia, there have been many periods of dictatorship. Are there dictatorships in local authorities? Have architects and designers obeyed or subverted the diktat ... and how have 'dictators' influenced our modernist world? Don't let our examples restrict you.. just be free man!

  • Domestic - copy deadline 30th March2014
Our house is a very very nice house.. from bungalows to deck access housing estates and from villas to tower blocks we can''t resist a nosey around someone's home.. from architects houses and furniture to textiles to and utensils .. go on lets have a domestic!
  • Departed - copy deadline 30th June 2014
From departure gates to crematoria, from the demolished to the deceased.. lets pay our respects to the dearly departed...

  • 'E' - And so, after our departed issue, we will begin a series of 4 issue themes beginning with the letter 'E'.

the modernist is a quarterly magazine, founded in 2011 to champion the 20th Century architecture and related art & design from a Northern perspective with regular national and international reports, published by the non-profit modernist society cic

thank you: 
Email: editor(at)the-modernist-mag.co.uk

We seek articles and photo-stories related to 20thC architecture and the design, historical and social stories behind these places. We also seek reviews of books, exhibitions and related events that fit into the wider picture of 20thC architecture regionally, nationally and internationally. 

Our period of interest is 1914-1999, however this is only a broad indication of the ‘modern’ era and not strictly limited. We do however have a particular inclination towards the post-war period. We are interested in buildings, town planning, interiors, graphic design and associated artworks such as sculptures, murals, glass and signage. 

We aim to take a non London-centric viewpoint on the built environment and publish around nine 600-1000 word  articles each issue focusing on the UK north of the Trent! These can be by experts or interested dilettantes (such as ourselves!), as long as they are well informed and about a particular instance of modernist architecture or design. These can be essays, interviews, news and photo stories. 

We aim to feature one or two items about notable interiors in each edition, this could be houses, shops, bars and cafes, anywhere as long as there is a significant 20th Century design element. From 600 – 1000 words. 

These are international items about places, cities or regions including particular buildings or examples of design that will interest to the lover of modernist design worldwide. From 600 – 1000 words. 

We like to feature one article on our modernist heroes , which takes a closer look at an individual – this can be an architect or designer, an artist or collector, a building owner, commissioner or planner. Serious or quirky, we encourage you to effuse about any individual or an organization that merits note and is worthy of championing. Length ranges from 600 – 1000 words. 

We seek photo stories of interest that, as an alternative to a text based piece, might fit into any of the above sections. Please send up to 3 images in the first instance, we will request further images in required.